The final conference of MOTIVATE project, hosted by the Lead Partner Municipality of Almada at Lisbon on October 29th 2019 was organized more as a final workshop, targeting the interaction of participants and the discussion over cross cutting issues, findings and ideas, instead of the typical presentation of deliverables.

A matter discussed and agreed on previous communications among MOTIVATE partners, was the participants’ composition of the final event. The progress, outcomes, good practises and barriers is always an important and interesting subject to present and discuss, but it is the audience and external project participants that contribute into transforming the general information into useful knowledge.

In line with that, representatives of other projects dealing with related topics and issues (sustainable mobitlity, mobility in tourist destinations, environmental issues and sustainable mobility plans) were invited to attend the event, present their cases and core issues, place their questions and evenly, answer about the experiences and participate at a round table discussion.


·       Department of Innovation, Environment. Climate and Sustainability, Municipality of Almada

·       Lisbon E-Nova, Lisbon Energy and Environment Agency

·       Local Energy Management Agency of Almada

·       Instituto Superior Técnico

·       MemEx

·       Tiemme SpA

·       Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

·       Aegean Energy and Environment Agency

·       Municipality of Larnaka

·       Municipality of Rhodes


Cross cutting issues and Project synergies

The following cross cutting topics among the participating projects were presented and discussed, starting with an introductory presentation of common challenges, issues, barriers, actions and measures of sustainable mobility in Med cities of high touristic destination profiles.

The challenges of sustainable urban mobility in Mediterranean cities”, by Pedro Gomes, AGENEAL, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada

MOTIVATE Project - challenges, concept and main results”, by Maria Morfoulaki, CERTH

REMEDIO Project - innovative solutions for a low carbon mobility”, by Nuno Canha, Instituto Superior Técnico

LOCATIONS Project - sustainable mobility in cities with cruise tourism”, by Vera Gregório, Lisboa E-Nova

CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project – sustainable mobility in tourist destinations”, by Giorgio Ambrosino, MemEx


Round table

 A round table discussion followed the aforementioned topic presentations, focusing on the mostly discussed issues, upcoming needs and challenges in high touristic Med cities, good cases and experiences that could be used as a guide to future steps, projects, research and municipalities’ support. Participants in the discussion covered the field of Market stakeholders, Academics and Research, Med Cities.



The outcomes of MOTIVATE final event, including the commenting on the presented topics and the followed round table discussion highlighted the need to invest in innovation and technology together with tailor-made marketing strategy addressing targeted groups of people, companies and travel agencies.

Use of the MOTIVATE app was wider and faster adopted in cases where it got embodied with an already in-use mobility application. Based on that, it was discussed and agreed that it is safer and better to move on future projects, tasks or measures with tools that could combine the already existing technologies, making it user-friendly, instead of requiring several different app downloading that is increasing their use.