MOTIVATE at the MADE in MED Conference

On 18th and 19th of May 2018, MOTIVATE participated at the Made in MED conference, hosted in Rome.

Built on the concept of Fablab: "Fabrication Laboratory", the MADE in MED event presented the first results of our 90 projects through a conference and an exhibition. These two days were used as an opportunity to convey the idea and values of co-working, knowledge sharing and innovation but also to look towards the future of cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The conference was articulated around three transversal themes: climate change, blue economy and inclusive growth plus three more parts: Technical, Strategic/Political action and Political.

As a parallel activity, an exhibition of projects was hold, where project reps could present to other projects and invited visitors, their objectives, progress and outcomes.

MOTIVATE was represented by projec coordinator, Municipality of Almada (Pedro Gomez), communication partner AEGEA (Eleni-Danai Mavraki, Alexia Spyridonidou), technical expert partners CERTH-HIT (Nilia Kotoula, Bartholomew-Michael Vassilantonakis) and MemEx (Eleonora Ercoli) and the project stand was considered as one of high visitation and interest by other municipalites.