2nd Round of Living Labs: Siena by TiemmeSpa

Living Labs

The 2nd Living Lab was hosted on the 15th of May 2018 by the University of Siena, in particular by the Department of  Political and International Sciences and was attended by 58 persons, represented  by University  and High Schools    students of    a    technical institute   in   Siena,   accompanied   by professors.

The objective was to collect feedback from the users on the MOTIVATE project and on the MOTIVATE functionalities developed and integrated in the new released version of the Tiemme MobileAPP. These new features include the ability to know in real time the waiting time of the bus line of interest, the possibility to express the opinion on the characteristics of the applicationand to assess the compliance of the LPT lines to the transport and mobility needs through the "Your opinion" function.

Three presentations were delivered: -The first presentation focused on the objectives of MOTIVATE project and on its usefulness and role for the development  of  local  SUMP.  The  presentation  was  delivered  by  Giorgio  Ambrosino  (Expert Transport and Mobility consultant for TIEMME)-The second presentation,  delivered  by  Mauro Pallari, (IT responsible  in TIEMME)and  Saverio Gini (Senior Engineer and Project Manager in MemEx), concerned the TIEMME Mobile APP functionalities, in particular the new functionalities developed within the MOTIVATE project. The new version of the APP  was  released  at  the  end  of  January  and Mauro showed in  details  each  single  functionality, highlighting in particular the use of the real time and questionnaires. -The third presentation, delivered by Andrea Corsini (TIEMME), focused on the analysis of the available data concerning the use of the APP. The last part of the event was instead dedicated to collecting feedback on the features and functionalities of the Tiemme     Mobile     APP and     MOTIVATE crowdsourcing    techniques from    the    users. A participatory approach was adopted and participants were  given the possibility  to  provide  their  opinions through  a  sli.do  session. The  use  of  this  webtool proved  to  be  very  successful  since it  favoured  the active  participation  of  the  students  who  could  have felt   not   comfortable   in   directly   expressing their thoughts in front of everyone. The questions asked All   participants   were   also   asked   to   fill   in   a questionnaire before leaving the event with questions concerning  the  evaluation  of  the  TIEMME  Mobile APP and its new MOTIVATE functionalities.

Based on the above, the event allowed TIEMME to collect useful information on end-users acceptance as well as to showcase the APP and MOTIVATE platform so as to provide the participants with a concrete picture of what these tools offer and also consider their added value and possible uses.