2nd Round of Living Labs: Almada by Municipality of Almada

Living Labs

The 2nd Living Lab was hosted on the 30th of May 2018 by the Municipality of Almada, at the premises of Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT NOVA), Almada, attended by  AGENEAL, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada and around 15 students, teachers and researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (DCEA).

The objective of the Living Lab 2 is to share MOTIVATE objectives and demo actions externally, in order to achieve a higher level of participation and app use from the local community. The focus on the University population is because they are regular users of the PT system of Almada and highly adept of social media, which makes them ideal users of the MOTIVATE app. This was also useful to obtain technical feedback related to the platform functionalities and supporting ideas for the successful implementation of the testing phase, since part of the attendees were researchers in the field of sustainable mobility. This was an informal event, but with good levels of discussion.

The meeting started with a presentation from Mr. Pedro Gomes, introducing the general project overview, it’s objectives and the MOTIVATE app functionalities. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to download the app and obtain it’s “look and feel”.

In general terms the participants were highly favourable to the project idea and the use of apps and social media to obtain user’s feedback and travel data. In particular, the researchers found it very useful since the app can provide data like O/D matrixes, and modal shares, which is not easily obtained by regular methods – doing a mobility inquiry is expensive and takes lots of time, while by using an app and smartphone the process is much simpler and inexpensive.

Some of the users had trouble registering via app, and this was something that was identified as a potential issue in terms of dissemination of the app. This can be minimized by registering in the web platform instead, and afterwards using the app. But the process is more time consuming and maybe will deter some people from using the app.

Some participant showed interest in having access to the data. It was explained to them that this is posbile by registering and seeing the dashboard data in the MOTIVATE platform. Overall the participants shoed interest in the project and agree that the app it is a useful tool, although they also stated that the issue with the registries via app should be fixes soon.