Although SUMP development has been very much examined the last years through a series of projects, the adoption rate in European and especially MED cities remains notable low. The main reason for that is the fact that local authorities hesitate to undertake innovative concepts for solving complex issues such as mobility in urban areas and don’t have internal expertise, tools and resources for facing however a complex process. In a professed recession wave hitting Europe the last decade, urban mobility, as an essential part of city’s daily operation, must find ways to stay afloat and become sustainable. As it seems, the key to unlock this potential is the use of crowdsourcing and social media in involving travelers in the decision making process, adding thus to the decisions the incomparable advantage of being widely accepted. In this way, the most acceptable sustainable urban transport policies, (from the existing pool of already well examined and proposed by the international practice) based on real users’ needs, will form the basis for accelerating SUMP development with specific attention to the efficient and qualitative PT services.


MOTIVATE’s main objective is to go a step further by focusing on the needs of urban areas with high seasonality (seasonal variations in transport demand) and try to align not only residents’ but also visitors’ needs with policy goals on sustainable and accessible  mobility services. Unlike other cities with flat demand, many cities in the Mediterranean area face this common challenge, thus it should be treated separately.