The MOTIVATE platform

The MOTIVATE platform, being among the core tangible outputs of the project, acts as a useful tool on the hands of city planners and transport engineers via which, the daunting task of data collection and views capturing will be facilitated. Different dimensions of social media and crowdsourcing techniques will be exploited, so as to provide a broad public ownership feeling of the urban planning, as well as a constant cost effective data collection, needs identification and measures monitoring and evaluation mechanism to the authorities. The result of the abovementioned techniques will add on the ‘‘communicative” character of SUMP (communicative planning, collaborative processes involving a wide range of stakeholders) that is prerequisite for designing and implementing acceptable mobility policies; plans developed through a strong participatory approach emerging from the interaction of key players - citizens, planners, and decision makers – are considered to be the most effective ones.


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Trip Diaries


Citizens contribution in the development of a valuable and highly cost-effective (for local authorities) data library for daily mobility patterns

Existing Measures Evaluation


Citizens and visitors evaluation of existing mobility measures








Future Intervention Assessment


Citizens and visitors assessment of the usefulness of future mobility interventions