Why & How

Mediterranean cities although facing the common challenge of developing a sustainable mobility background, they also present particularities depending on the territorial context and the type of tourists they attract.

For these reasons, a sound transnational approach, is the key to guarantee MOTIVATE’s success. Unlike the traditional data collection methods, where citizens or visitors are “passive” data sources, the innovative approach of MOTIVATE lies in their active involvement in transport data collection/management, problems identification and proposed measures evaluation.

MOTIVATE promotes a new model of SUMP development. The new model is based on the exploitation of social media and crowd-sourcing apps. The common model of implementing and applying these techniques that will be created and updated after the pilot testing cases, as well as, the transferring protocol that will be created and will include, processes, techniques and tools to ensure the efficient and consistent way of transferring the projects' results to other cities, will support the SUMP development and enhancement in all the Mediterranean area.

MOTIVATE intends to help decision makers to gain a strong understanding of the main mobility problems that residents and tourists face and the most accepted and sustainable interventions, using cost effective ways of data collection and analysis and this will make the development, update and monitoring of SUMP much more targeted and efficient.